Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Peak Properties.... Nadir Parkways

This post could've been entitled a tale of two parkways. One under the guidance and care of a property management company who cares (directly across the street). And the other (parkway) under the purview of a management company asleep at the wheel.

Greenview west side in between Fargo and Birchwood has had problem parkways for many years. This year is no different. Last year Chevanston published an article covering the untimely death of Chip Bagg's cousin on this very parkway. (The building's address above is 7458-7460 and 7462-7464 N Greenview)

The alderman's office was apprised of the situtation. Peak properties was upset that this writer was upset. One person exclaimed "Jesus Christ" and another just hung up. If your parkways are in shambles you probably will get irate neighbors on the line wondering whats going on. Needless to say the parkways were picked up this morning.

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The parkway above is also of the building that Peak Properties is managing, Greenview looking north ot Birchwood. The neighbor to the south has not been good about picking up either. The two large buildings have been undergoing rehab these past few years. (Zombie proof doors are now gone) The building at Fargo and Greenview northwest corner has lots of broken glass all over the parkway.

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