Monday, October 14, 2013

New Garden Fence @ Leonard Dubkin Park

Volunteers and gardeners erected the new fence at Leonard Dubkin this past weekend. It should last much longer that the last one. Part of the fence has been stained dark red. Makes sense to have sturdy fence posts this time around.

Here is a post from 2007 documenting a trash overflow in the alley (RP in 1000 words). The alley is in much better shape nowadays. This is one of the cooler parks in the city. It feels like an outdoor living room.

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Bill Morton said...

This is a great improvement to Leonard Dubkin Park. I remember all of the liquor bottles, cigarettes and drug baggies that littered the park. There was even a couch hidden in the bushes along the CTA property (West side of park).

It is always refreshing to see a positive change in our community!