Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What's Left Of The Holsman House On Sheridan

One of the hot topics of the week is the bulldozing of the former meditation center at Sheridan and Sherwin (where a four story parking garage will be erected). This is a reader submitted photo of what was left when Steve Browne (Sometimes John Verkleir) walked by.

SBSJV "Here are pictures of the interior. I really hate to see houses destroyed but sometimes it has to happen for progress. Not shown in our picture is one of the sad, utilitarian doors."

In the photograph you can see the old fire alarm, the cute rounded bay view outcropping and the metallic appendage of one of the demolishers. Looks like the aftermath of a F-5 twister. When was the photo taken? (guessing it was yesterday looking at the photo posted yesterday to the ERP & NOH Facebook group)

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WanderingBrett said...

Holy cow, that was fast! They literally just moved out of there. What an utter waste....