Thursday, October 31, 2013

Life Saving Station

This postcard for sale on E-bay (bidding started at 5.99 and is currently at 16.39 with two days to go) has the following message on the back.

"Cheer Up. Dear Sister Martha you will excuse me for not writing sooner. Received your letter and the deed. I certainly thank you very much. I think I will wait until mine (sic) vacation before I fix up those papers unless my country calls me before that time. Will write you a letter later. Ray."

Mailed May 28th 1917, postmarked in Evanston, Il.

"Up for bids (sic) is a real photo postcard showing the Great Lakes Life Saving Station at Rogers Park, Chicago, IL.  The view shows a building, several vintage cars, and a number of people including at least one sailor.  The card was done by H.B. Brooks,"