Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Emil Bach Open House

Another reason why the Holsman House was torn down is so that people from outside Rogers Park can come visit this Frank Lloyd Wright House est. 1915 (and if they wish stay in the B and B next door - Cat's Cradle). Address - 7415 N Sheridan Road Chicago Illinois 60626.

Mums have been planted in the front yard even as tremendous work continues on the facade and interior. The backyard stone work has been completed.

Diane Galleher just tweeted this morning (a link) that the Emil Bach house will be open for tours very soon (this upcoming weekend it looks like). It will be open Saturday and Sunday from 9 am - 4 pm.

Update 10/16/13 1:17 pm - confirmed by Diane Galleher - Open House this weekend October 19th, 20th.

Please continue reading for more pictures (taken two weeks ago)


Bill Morton said...

This reminds me of the Chicago Theatre story.

There were many theatres all around the Loop area and greater Chicago area. A developer had the idea to renovate the run down Chicago Theatre, and then purchase any other theatres that could outshine it for demolition.

The idea was to eliminate all competition, at all costs, even if the competition provided a more worthy good or service. In this case, if they were anywhere near as grand as the Chicago Theatre.

Same meaning for the beauty of the Holsman House, which in my opinion, and the opinion of others, was far more beautiful than the Emil Bach House.

This way of thinking is self-serving and not in the best interest of the Rogers Park community!

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

@ Bill, well for better or for worse FLW could do know wrong. Well that's not entirely true. He had a few klunkers.

Kaden tower is frickin horrible.

Steve Browne (sometimes John Verkleir) said...

I wasn't going to ever comment on this issue again, but I can't believe what I read. Bill Morton and others think that the Holsman house was more beautiful than the Wright house? That house was nothing in particular and in very bad shape. If you think that was a more beautiful house, then every building is more beautiful.

I think the opponents of the garage have jumped the shark. They can't be taken seriously.

Donny Kerabotsos said...

Too true, Steve. Bill Morton has completely lost it. He is grasping desperately at anything he can to save face. He has started out and out lying about the project to skew public opinion. He posted on his blog about the asbestos abatement crew on site one day, and then warned people on twitter during the demo that they might be breathing in asbestos if they walked by in the following days. He completely ignored the no trespassing signs on the lot to the south of the shambhala house to shoot a video and then denied the signs were there prior to him shooting the video. YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE THE POSTS THAT WERE ERECTED IN EARLY OCT TO KEEP POEPLE OUT OF THE LOT. BIG AS LIFE, NO TRESPASSING SIGNS HANGING FROM THE CHAIN ACROSS THEM. Now he is claiming that the crappy house on the corner is more architecturally significant than the FLW Bach House!! Yeah, I'm sure they tore it down because they were worried someone else might buy and horde in on their touring business. He is only making it easier for people to regard him as a complete fool.

Patricia Williams said...

The medical term is reality dissociative disorder. Most of us just call it bonkers-crazy. Billy and Tinker seem to have it in spades. Even the Buddhists dumped the Shambles Meditation Center because it was a total disaster and worth nothing to nobody. The Rogers Park Chamber of Comedy is the laughing stock of Sheridan Road's "mansion row". Even the wannabe Alderpersons have distanced themselves from the comedians.

Blair Wentworth-McCormick said...

Holsman more beautiful than Bach? That bizarre assertion will discredit any and all opinions that ever come from that source and its affiliates in the future. I am prepared to learn from them that Burger King surpasses Lawry's Steak House for fine beef. What are they smoking?

Bill Morton said...

I'm not going to get into a conversation about reality dissociative disorder with people who cower behind pseudonyms to safely attack away.

My words exactly, in quote:

"the beauty of the Holsman House, which in my opinion, and the opinion of others, was far more beautiful than the Emil Bach House".

Note that I said in my opinion. I stand by my words.

Also note that I never said anything regarding "architectual significance" much less your accusation of "more architecturally significant than the FLW Bach House".

I feel that the Holsman House was an asset to our community and Shambhala Meditation Center of Chicago cared for themselves, and their new spread over the best interest of our community. They said "Demolition - Impermanence", I reply "Demolition Ignorance".

Furthermore, as stated in reply to an anonymous commenter on Rogers Park in 1,000 Words, who asked:

"I believe there are posted no trespassing signs in the parking lot where you began your video. Why is it that you feel you can break the law while pointing out others you feel are breaking the law. Seems quite hypocritical to me".

I replied that there was not a No Trespassing sign posted anywhere on the property at the time of my video recording. There were no signs, including Building Permits posted anywhere on the property. The whole reason I recorded the video was to prove to the City of Chicago Department of Buildings that Rogers Park Solutions LLC for over a week, did not have an original Building Permit displayed.

I further went on to say, in quote:

"In fact, Tawani Enterprises Incorporated and the other company's that they own (Rogers Park Solutions LLC and Rogers Park Vintage Management) made a lot of changes after being held accountable for their demolition without a permit posted and unsecure demolition site were exposed in this very video.

Sometimes it takes progressive measures to hold irresponsible businesses and politicians accountable for their actions".

And for the record, I prefer any local Rogers Park restaurant over Burger King.

I believe that I answered all of your questions and concerns. Moving on to ... Tawani Enterprises started their demolition/rubble removal before 7:33am this morning, and 311 noise complaints sent the police to inspect.

And more importantly, today the issue will come before the Chicago Plan Commission to consider whether the proposal meets the requirements of the Lakefront Protection Ordinance. The ordinance recognizes that the City's Lake Michigan shoreline possesses special environmental, recreational, cultural, historical, community and aesthetic interests and values that require protection and preservation.

The 1 pm agenda lists the issue as "Lake Michigan and Chicago Lakefront Protection Ordinance Application No. 629, submitted by Rogers Park Solutions, LLC for the property generally located at 7313-7333 N. Sheridan Road within the Private-Use Zone of the Lake Michigan and Chicago Lakefront Protection District. The applicant proposes to construct a public parking garage with 250 parking spaces, approximately fifty-eight feet in height. The property is currently zoned B1-5, Neighborhood Shopping District".

I'll be speaking in support of our community. Will you be there?

Tommy Chipgard said...

Guys I don't believe this. Is some whacko pretending to be Bill Morton from our Chamber? That is so wrong. Morton would never say something like that and I will defend him and his community reputation. Hey moderator can't you prevent impostors from using our names?

Donny Kerabotsos said...

Bill, the no trespassing signs have been up on the parking lot since Oct 1. They are clearly hanging between two bright orange posts that were erected when the lot was closed. Those posts are right next to quest. To say that you never saw them would be a lie. To trespass while pointing the finger at others is hypocritical. To say that the shambles house (stealing that one, I like it) was more beautiful in your opinion gives us insight to your lack of taste. I fully believe that is the real Bill Morton posting. Shambhala is a Buddhist organization. To the Buddhist, all things are seen as impermanent. They are taught not to place value on worldly things like a house. It is just as impermanent as we are, and for that matter all things in the world. It's their belief, hard to fault them for that.

Donny said...

Check out the video you posted. The two orange posts show up between 1:00-1:30. I parked directly in front of them on October 1 to hit the convenience store. I usually illegally park in that lot while I grab whatever odds and ends I'm picking up. Some guy was hanging them as I pulled up and was cool enough to let me use the drive while I grabbed my smokes. There appear to be many signs on the fence in front of the former shambles house that weren't there before your video. Can't argue that. But we both know you are lying when you say the sings at the entrance and exit to the lot next door were not in place. I may hide behind my pseudonym, but I sleep well knowing that I'm not a blatant hypocrite who misleads people to get them on my side.

Mary Leahy said...

Hey, guys, word on the street is that that Billy Morton ain't too smart. Not that I am, but I don't pretend otherwise.

Martin Dinsmoor said...

Wow. Did Pritzker pay off every single member of the Chicago Plan Commission, the Zoning Board and the Landmarks Commission? A unanimous yes-vote? The Shambles Retreat Center, Buddhist pumpkin patch and Christian Christmas tree lot are just memories now that Sheridan Road's historic mansion row is fading into dimness.

Donny said...

Or is it possible that landmarks decided that it wasn't historic at all - because there was zero providence and the house was chopped to bits inside and out, zoning decided that Sheridan road is a main drag that is comprised almost entirely of commercial enterprises that are taller and larger than this garage, and planning decided that this project in no way is in violation of the lakefront protection ordinance??

Certainly not, that would mean that Bill & Tink, the chamber of comedy (also a stolen term), and about 30 other loudmouths were totally wrong and did not represent logic or our community.

Their arguments were all laughable, the house was a joke, and they represented themselves as the majority opinion of RP. If they did represent the majority, then why so few people at all of their protests?

I had not heard about the planning commission decision, but I figured something was amiss when Bill didn't post anything on his blog about it.

Shouldn't the chamber of commerce support a project that will help out the businesses in the chase building and the surrounding area?? I can't see how more parking would hurt commerce in the area. I guess their president doesn't agree or uses the chamber to support his own personal vendettas. Very ethical....

Donny said...

The only thing that saddens me is the loss of the Christmas trees and pumpkins. Maybe he will open up shop in one of the rehab/retirement home or motel 6 parking lots along Sheridan.

And I think the All Hallows' Eve pumpkin patch would be considered more Christian or Pagan than Buddhist....

Mary Leahy said...

Nah, Marty, but those puppies are pretty darn cute. Are they for sale? Wish I had a yard.

Hey,Donny, maybe that guy could sell his punkins and trees at the lot on Howard at Ashland.