Tuesday, October 15, 2013

ICOPS Rosetta Stone?

Location - Morse south side in between Lakewood and Wayne Avenues. Photos taken @ 8/24/13 at 6:24 pm. In case you haven't read the DNAinfo.com article click here. If Chicago already had a graffiti tracker program this information, the tags and locations would've already been catalogued in a central database. With hidden cameras at predictable hot spots this program has captured many taggers in the United States. This "piece" in and of itself is not bad. However it gets a bit much when its all over the northside and near north suburbs.

L.A. launched a graffiti tracker program powered by smart phones in 2011. In the article it mentions that the city spends 10 million dollars a year cleaning up graffiti. The smart phone app used with the graffiti tracker program is called Report It!. La Mesa California has had some success in decreasing the number of graffiti "incidents". The program isn't that expensive. "The software costs the city about $1,500 a year. The city has won around $8,000 in restitution so far, he said."

The tag means nothing. Most taggers are high school age and tag as a means to get attention and to defy authority. This case is no different or special. In general the community and city are doing a great job cleaning up graffiti and tags. Keep up the good work neighbors.


Donny Kerabotsos said...

that ICOPS tag looks different than the one on DNA info. I wonder if this is an impersonator stealing his 15min of fame.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

@ DK.

We would know the answer if we had a graffiti tracker program. But note, this photo was taken in August.

Donny Karabotsos said...

My mistake, I should read the dates more closely. I just assumed it was taken a few days ago. I have used the chicago works app a few times to great success. I must admit that I was very surprised at the response time on the graffiti that I reported. It would seem to be very easy to make the graffiti tracker tie I to that application.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

@Dk its just a matter of tying the data together to actually stop the tagging instead of just getting rid of it.

Donny said...

I understand the concept Phil. I am pointing out that we already have a graffiti removal tracker and that it would seem only logical to start a database using the pictures and location that people are already sending into the city for removal requests for the secondary purpose of holding those responsible accountable for the damages. We have half of the infrastructure in place to complete your idea. Why not take it a step further with the Chicago app and start charging these little bastards.