Saturday, October 5, 2013

Holsman House Has Been Breached

Rogers Park in 1000 words reported that the Holsman House demolition began this past Friday (@ Sherwin and Sheridan). The wrecker is frozen in place after its last destructive act. The machine is tilted up, resting on the debris field that the human operator created.

For a new era in Rogers Park to begin the past must be destroyed. In stark contrast the Emil Bach house and the Farcroft (covered in scaffolding and tarps once again) are nearby undergoing extensive renovations. In order for Jennifer Pritzker's nearby projects to thrive this charming old mansion is biting the dust (in order to build a four story parking garage or car tower in case you've been living under a rock).

Still shocking to see this well built and solid brick house meet its maker. Few cities have the housing stock of Chicago, Illinois. In most towns a building of this stature would be restored and a source of local pride. But this isn't most cities or towns.

UPDATE 10/7/13 - Holsman House is being knocked down today.

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Max Madd said...

We need parking though...

Anonymous said...

whoa, bill morton and tinkerbell are gonna have a fit when they read this. i thought they got it classified as a historical landmark a month ago. what the hell?

Bill Morton said...

Anonymous, your comments will hold validity when you shed your veil of secrecy. Anonymity makes us all think that you are being deceitful or deceptive, and we have no time or respect for that kind of behavior in our community.

Now onto the adult conversation... The demolition is happening without an original permit posted, which is required by law.

Quote: "Original permit must be displayed on job site at all times, Copies NOT allowed! Plans must be kept on site during construction. Permit is NOT transferable. Any changes in contractor or deviation from approved plans must be approved by the Department of Buildings. Permit may be revoked for violation of any of the above provisions or other applicable ordinance. A Certificate of Occupancy may be required before occupancy. Call (312) 744-2529 for more information."

Illegal demolition is happening by Owner: Rogers Park Solutions 104 S. Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL. 60603 (312) 765-0460. If you check Jesse White's Secretary of State website cyberdrive, you will find that Rogers Park Solutions is owned by Tawani Enterprises Incorporated aka Jennifer Pritzker.

Illegal demolition is happening by Contractor: Mulroy Demoltion & Excavation 6820 North Kostner Lincolnwood, IL. 60712.

We will not be bullied by Alderman Joe Moore, who says Yes to Tawani Enterprises Incorporated after he receives large campaign contributions. Especially when the vast majority of Rogers Park and 49th Ward voters are strongly against the 7331 N. Sheridan Road teardown and the construction of the Lakefront Car Tower.

We will not be pushed aside by a billionare non-Rogers Parker who hired a Lincolnwood demolition crew.

This is our community and our lakefront and the history of Sheridan Road and Rogers Park are too important to let go!

Blair Wentworth-McCormick said...

Historical landmark designation was a bong-induced pipe dream at best. Won't be pushed around or bullied by an Alderman and a billionaire? Of course you won't because they are busy improving the community and don't even know that you exist. A ragtag group of grumpy people chanting in the rain and wearing silly costumes is, at best, bad comedy. Holy Hannah such meaningless indignation. Next time pick a battle that you have a chance at winning or go visualize World Peace and change the world. Sorry but Billy and Tinker and friends lost this one on the first day.

Nita Gocht said...

Should be interesting to see what is going to happen to those folks running the stoplight when they encountger anyone entering/exiting this behemoth structure

Steve Browne (sometimes John Verkleir) said...

You should have gone back to take pictures of this house when they had the back all torn off top to bottom and you would seen how bad the rooms were on the inside. You should have done that rather than talking about this building as if it really were charming, because the unveiling was shocking even for me. Nothing original left, even the doors were cheap.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Well it wasnt charming in its current blah stripped down state. It could've been if someone else owned it.

It was in boring, rough shape.

If this writer had time....

@Steve you could've sent pictures here or posted them on instagram.

No way for any one person or blog to be everywhere.

Bill Morton didn't post more demo shots either. :)

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

@Steve Brown, check out this site for more photos of the Holsman House Teardown.