Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rogers Avenue Beach Ruins

These pictures are from Saturday, October 19th. To the left we see what appears to be a defunct boat ramp. To the right the stairs lead down to what once was a dock. Today the stairs lead to an abrupt four foot drop off to the beach.

The water fountain at Rogers Avenue beach was still running last weekend. A pint sized fountain forces anyone above four feet to bend down for a drink. What other Lake Michigan beach can you hear the water lapping against the remnants of an old pier and an old leaky water fountain?

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Funny that beaches get Yelp reviews. People complain about everything, like "overzealous" lifeguards. One of the reviewers noticed that dog people don't like the no dog beach rule. He posted a picture of the no dogs on beach rule crossed out on the list. There is a currently sign posted stating no dogs are allowed on the beach.

Chicago Now featured a review of the beaches of Rogers Park. It was pointed out that Rogers Avenue beach had an "ampitheatre" feel to it and is a great place for yoga and tennis. The Chicago Now review is a reprint of an article first published in 2012.

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