Friday, October 25, 2013

Crime Scene On Bosworth Morning After

This picture is of where the blood had just been washed away (Bosworth east side just south of Albion). A concerned neighbor told me how one of her school aged children had witnessed some of the horrific shooting. She gave me what was left of the crime scene tape on her property. This neighbor thought that this blogger was a reporter. Another neighbor mentioned that the shooting sounded like that of a cap gun and that it was definitely a small gun.

Apparently Clark Street is the dividing line between two gangs. The Latin Kings and some offshoot of the GDs? Walking north and west there was Latin King graffiti at the stop sign at Northshore and Ashland. One neighbor asked if the kid was okay, she thought this writer was police.

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This is the worst form of graffiti. The Latin Kings are claiming turf east of their stronghold west of Clark. Bound to cause conflict and shootings. Ironically there is a call to arms to take back the block from the gangbangers taped to this stop sign (which you can read below). Also by this stop sign is a thrown out green Petron tequila carton. A sure sign that the Petron boys have been around. This writer remembers seeing plenty of Petron cartons around Wayne and Farwell when there were shootings.

Below  is the call to arms from mid September (sometime before 9-19-13 ) for the CAPS meeting at 6464 N Clark (the  Latin King graffiti you see above appeared sometime in the past week).

Resident, (1600 block of Northshore ) Something has got to be done! 

Do we need another murder on this block before action takes place? 

Are you tired of Latin King activity? Are you tired of the graffiti? Are you tired of the gunshots? 

It's time for the police department (and residents) to take back the block. Gangbangers do not "own" our block. 

Tonight's meeting will focus on this block. Please attend (with a neighbor).

As always :
Do you have a CAPS sign in your front window?
Does your garage/back gate have your address?
Do you have your neighbor's phone number (and email)?

Incidentally while taking care of the graffiti with Goof-off a green jeep completely blew the stop sign. The east side of Ashland was relatively litter free. Not so the west side in the 6800 block.

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