Friday, October 18, 2013

Shrek Has Left The Building

Well they haven't left yet, but they are packed. Otherwise known as Shiekh (arabic for leader) this chain originated in Onatario, California. They specialize in urban, contemporary shoes and style. Something that Howard already had in spades. So not shocking that this store didn't last long (not much more than a year if memory serves this blogger right).

This news was reported by NOH resident Helen Carlock earlier this week on Facebook. They opened a store last year on Halsted just off Maxwell Street. In total there are 138 locations in the United States.

What Howard could use is a greasy spoon (like a Golden Nugget) or regular urban/standard fare sit down restaurant (like thai food). A bookstore would be nice too (there used to be the Bookworm North Of Howard). Hopefully something other than a shoe store will move into this soon to be vacant space. There are already two other sneaker shops on this side of Howard one of them in the same building.

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