Thursday, October 3, 2013

Half Duplex @ Farwell & Greenview

The sound of nail guns peppered the air this afternoon. A tarp protects the second floor from the elements. Mostly gone but not quite; all that is left of the western half is the foundation. Charred yellow brick is now exposed to the elements after the recent demo of the first two floors.

Many neighbors and passerby feared that the integrity of the duplex was ruined by the fire this past January. In late August Chevanston had reported that the western duplex was to be dismantled and rebuilt. Speaking to a fellow neighbor it was learned that the occupant (Ivan Smalley) of the western half is a bass player. And somehow his bass survived the fire. (Thanks to Ms. Demeanor for the intel that demo had finally happened.)

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Anonymous said...

Maybe that dude will take better care of the place once its rebuilt cuz it was a frickin' wreck before the fire. Gangbangers now call that corner their stoop.