Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Path Across Rogers

Some neighbors take matters into their own hands. On parkways nonadjacent to their abode even. Large flagstones and pavers were placed at Fargo and Paulina and Rogers this past year. Neighborhoods and cities thrive when the community, residents and owners take care of the public land.

Official crosswalks and the natural passage are not always simpatico. People would rather walk through mud than take a extra minute to cross the street. Looking at the above picture there already is a cement slab corresponding to the footpath in the foreground.

Those going to and fro from the Paulina entrance of the Howard "L" stop usually find the cross walk further north too far. Usually there would be a crosswalk on both sides of the three sided intersection. Planners presumably have deemed that too dangerous as buses are always turning into the Gateway terminal. Silly city planners.

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