Sunday, September 7, 2014

Blame The Shooter Not The Victim?

Internet "discussions" follow a whole different logic versus the old face to face. If you disagree with someone and you want to "win" the debate the following parley is a classic textbook example. Especially if you are "inserting" yourself into someone else's convo where you take someone's side.

Intro - you just proved the other person's point. Response number one - you aren't paying attention so read it again (nitwit). Response number two - I could explain it to you but I can't comprehend it for you. Implying that it would waste the user's time to even go into the mysterious explanation. It's so above your head.  And the outro - well bro, sorry not my problemo you no comprehendo, smell ya later. Notice that the second discussant also blames the first party to committing the same sin that he did (so called jumping in uninvited, isn't that the whole point of social media?).

This confab revolved around the disturbing shooting on Morse Saturday night. Suntimes in their article mentioned that the man shot was a gangbanger. above adds that he was riding his bike down the sidewalk (technically illegal though only officially from Ardmore to 6400 W Sheridan along Sheridan Road) and someone from a moving car managed to wound him critically with a pistol. Motive is very important in solving any shooting and very relevant to public safety. Or should we be "indifferent"?

These shootings are scary because they are so random. Gangbangers aren't hanging on the corner anymore (correct this writer if wrong) so where they shoot has become more haphazard and the bullets have been hitting innocent bystanders including a young man on Devon who died from his injuries.

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