Monday, June 16, 2014

Dero Fixit @ Gateway Bus Station

Riding your bike around South Evanston and need a tune up? Or just finding your tires a little flat? Well the City of Chicago has been generous enough to install a Dero fixit bike station at Howard Street and Paulina. We don't mind if come over and use it.

In 2012 there were at least six bicycle repair stations in Chicago (including a homemade one @ Hyde Park). Riverwest got its own bike repair stand in 2013. If you bike all the way downtown you can even take a shower at Millennium Park in the McDonald's Cycle Center.

Each Dero fixit station comes equipped with wrenches, screwdrivers, compressed air (shrader or presta), allen wrench, and a place to set your bike while you work on it. This writer emailed the address of this station to update the Dero Fixit Map.

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Bob fortune said...

A bike station in this location was much needed and it’s great to have one ready for use. I’ll make sure I stop by while biking through Howard Street and around. Nice pictures!