Monday, June 2, 2014

Payphone Blight On Howard Street

Impossible to call 611 to repair this phone at Howard and Elmwood. At least from this broken phone. No dial tone. When these photos were taken a lady sitting in her car in the laundromat parking lot talked on her cellphone.

But what if someone steals your cellphone and you got mugged and need help? Or your cell runs out of juice? Or you can't pay your phone bill? What happens when a major coronal mass ejection hits knocking out your cell tower's satellite?  Or if you're in a dead zone? Payphones are still needed in emergencies.

This payphone was still operational (handset hanging on its hook) in August 2011's Google Street Map photo of Clean Wash Laundry at 804 w Howard Street, Evanston, Illinois.

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