Thursday, June 12, 2014

Darkness Reigns On Pratt

For the past week or so street lights have been out on Pratt Boulevard. All the way from Sheridan down to the "L" tracks almost blackout. Does this have something to do with work being done on the new "L" substation at Glenwood and Farwell?

Pedestrians seem to come out of nowhere walking down the street. The pickup truck sitting in the Hillel vacant lot looks sinister amongst the gloomy dimness. Astor house looms mysteriously overhead hiding in the shadows.

Take care walking down this unlit corner of Rogers Park. Highwaymen, criminals, unknown horrors, undiscovered mutants, barbarians and centaurs lurk in the ebony cloak of night. Best bring your torch and broadsword out with you if strolling about after dark. At least until the magic orbs are fixed.

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What is that hiding in the gloaming twilight?

After uploading in the image into the databanks,
then applying cinemascope.....
We see its the sinister Astor House!

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