Thursday, June 19, 2014

Kershaw Tie Crane

Stop Engine and Secure All Unit Locking Devices When : Adjusting, Lubricating, Fueling, Making Repairs

Daily - Check engine oil add as needed, Check engine fuel and refill, Check hydraulic oil level add as needed, Drain water from air tank, Check hydraulic lines for wear and leaks, Check for oil leaks, Check for fuel leaks, Check lights and wiring, Check engine air cleaner service indicator, Check propelling chain tension, Check coolant add as needed

(For lubrication chart please refer to side of vehicle - accepted oils for hydraulics, engine, and gear, differential, planetary and pump drives are listed)

Full specs here and more pics here.

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Weekly (40 hours) - Slewing ring bearing (2 fittings), Root boom cylinder pivot pin (2 fittings), Dipper boom pivot pin (2 fittings), Grapple tong pivot pin (2 fittings), Dipper boom cylinder pivot (1 fitting),. Root boom pivot pin (2 fittings), Axle bearings (4 remote fitting), Propelling chains (2 chains), Grapple rotator pivot, Check battery electrolyte level, Check condition and adjustment of brake shoes

Monthly (150 hours) - Check deck rotation gear box oil level, Check engine mounting bolts, Check axle hub nuts (250ft-lbs), Check wheel stud nuts (240ft-lbs), Lubricate deck rotation gears, Drain engine crankcase and refill with proper oil. Replace oil filter.

Six Months - (500 hours) - Hydraulic Tank. (Sample oil. When required, filter with external filter system or change oil). Deck rotation gear box (drain, flush, and refill) Clean suction strainer and magnet.

Yearly - (1000 hours) - Test engine coolant "SCA" condition, Change engine coolant filter

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