Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Vivian Maier In Rogers Park

More than a few passerby have been confused with this poster at TOWBAR. The what and when but not the where. Somewhere on the print the location should be mentioned.

This is what should've been posted. Walking past Lakeside Treasures should clear things up for curious passerby.

Sure to be a well attended event. This is a fundraiser for the "Photographers of Rogers Park Party and Fundraiser for Loyola Park Advisory Council".

"at 6pm and 7pm (this Saturday June 7th @ 1500 w Jarvis Ave - TOWBAR - Chicago, Illinois) there will be a rare opportunity to view "The Vivian Maier Mystery" movie, produced by the BBC"

Movie tickets are 10 bucks. Raffle tickets, one for five bucks or three for ten, for a limited edition Vivian Maier print.

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