Thursday, June 26, 2014

Gateway Cafe's New Look Is Driving Away Customers

Things have really gone down the tubes at this out of the way and now infrequently visited plein air diner. Fluorescent bulbs, diffuse natural light, huge ventilator shafts give it that industrial edge and vibe that used to make it such a hip spot. But encircling the patrons with dumpsters is taking things a bit too far. Functional art that doesn't smell good will kill almost anyone's appetite.

Pretty sure the city is gonna shut this place down pretty soon. Can't be healthy to have all this trash rotting away so close to the kitchen and dining area. Right now the cafe is most popular with the janitorial crew during their smoke break. Hopefully this place can bust out of its current loading dock doldrums so that this space can live up to its true potential.

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