Friday, June 6, 2014

Fatal Shooting 1900 Block W Howard Street

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The Google Maps marker (small red arrow above) for 1900 w Howard is at Howard and Paulina. Yahoo Maps is a bit more accurate. Its marker is at Buffalo Joes 1841 w Howard. The !900 w Howard block runs from Cash America pawn shop to Popeye's at Damen.

According to reports on Twitter an 18 yr old black male was shot at 1:45 pm today. Soon after he was pronounced dead. Tribune's report hit Twitter first. The area cordoned off in the Trib's photo is just west of the shoe repair store at 1913 w Howard Street. Chicago Sun Times & released vague and incomplete accounts soon after.

Another photo posted to Twitter just 20 minutes ago of the crime scene. Neighbors reported helicopters over ahead. King James Son @TaeBrody Tweeted around 4 pm  "he got shot earlier today. I read it was in Rogers park supposedly at 1:45. Crazy as hell. He just graduated and shit"

6/7/14 Midnight - Hours ago the Chicago Tribune released the name and photo of the victim, 18 year old Alante Vallejo, a recent graduate of Evanston High School. Evanston Sun Times reports that a second youth aged 20 visited Evanston Hospital later in the afternoon with a gunshot to the foot.

6/7/14 10:45 am - Chicago Tribune publishes the definitive followup.

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Bob fortune said...

Well, it was really sad for a fresh graduate to die like this. How is it possible that the criminals are still unidentified? And who could be behind these school boys?