Monday, June 9, 2014

The Alley Parkers Of Marshfield Avenue

Illegal parking has been a chronic problem with this alley.  Its a unique situation. Large apartment building with absentee landlord and tiny dead end street intersects an alley right up against the "L".

Consequently anything goes.

One tow zone sign has been replaced but the other by the small electric substation is still missing. After the city put up the tow zones last year they promptly disappeared.

This is a neglected corner of Chicago. Years of trash still cover the hill below the "L" electric substation. Litter is routinely thrown on the ground. Street cleaning never comes to 7400 N Marshfield.

A tight enough corner to maneuver without a car occupying it. SRN for missing tow zone sign west side of 7461 N Marshfield - 14-00872943.

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The following photos are from May. Photo below taken from Dubkin park looking north.

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