Thursday, November 8, 2012

Burger Bar for 1547 w Jarvis. (The Prodigal Monk)

This space has long sat vacant. It was going to be a Belgian Bar (Belle Chique).
 THEN it was supposed to be a soup bar with the even fancier name (Anto Zupperia). .

At the Jargowood meeting last night the business owners of this Gourmet Burger Bar to be sat down with the neighbors to discuss the details. Projected opening would be April 2013.  Space exists for 30 seats inside and sidewalk patio as well. Brunch would be an option for weekends. This is a small space, but future expansion would be possible on the second floor. The building is still owned by V-Tone. A better fit for the area, on one side of the street you would have a great place to grab a beer and a burger and then later on you could go over to V-Tone Fitness to work it off.


Chip Bagg said...

Good pictures. Enough location info to identify where this building is.
Limited opinion blather by author.
Images and post are positive. Nothing here to incite the cranky itchy bed-bug-bitten Rogers Parkers.
Nice post. Thanks.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Hey I try Chip Bagg. I dont need to inject myself into EVERY post. ;)