Saturday, November 17, 2012

School Tier Map for Rogers Park and West Ridge

School Tier by Census Tract Chicago 2013-14

Enlarged view of Rogers Park/West Ridge section

            Scanning Rogers Park discussions on the internet this writer came across a discussion regarding the
Chicago Public Schools and the tier system by census tract. As with any bureacracy there is a byzantine
confusing way to figure out where your address is ranked in the tier system or you could just look at the map. Red is tier one, orange is tier two, yellow is tier three and green is tier four. Tier one is the worst and tier four is the best. Easy enough to understand as most real estate agents refer to the safe part of the city as the Green Zone (that borrowed from Iraq War) and Red generally means Danger. Atleast there are no red zones in Rogers Park, The orange zones do correspond with the roughest/most violent parts of Rogers Park and West Ridge (atleast with NOH -North of Howard and with adjacent to Warren Park).

How are these tiers determined?
1)Median family income
2)Percentage of single family houses
3)Percentage of homes where English is not primary language
4)Percentage of owner occupied homes
5)Level of education for adults
6)Achievement scores for students


Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Of note there is one Green Zone within Rogers Park, bounded by Ridge on the west, Pratt to the south, Touhy to the north and Metra tracks to the east.

Chip Bagg said...

If you did the same analysis by skin color of the residents, I wonder if the map would render similar tiers in the same configuration.....just wondering.
Or is it politically incorrect even to consider that in the privacy of my own brain?

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

@Chip Bagg, what I think this map does is actually skew more towards the immigrant areas of Chicago more so than other maps, because of level of education and whether they speak English or not.

Obviously illegal aliens will not speak English as primary language or have much schooling at all even when compared with lower income people who live in Chicago.

So RED areas arent necessarily WORSE off than the yellow or orange areas, but just have a bit less education and English.

Davey said...

So Warren Park/golf course covers about half the most dangerous area of RP/WR??? And Touhy Park? I guess there aren't many single family homes there, and that the residence don't have much of an education, being mostly squirrels.

And judging by what language residents speak? Really? Knowing 2 or more languages makes a neighborhood more "dangerous"?

What a worthless exercise.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

I wouldnt say its worthless,
its an interesting look at data which CPS came up with mixing in ALOT of factors beyond just what is primary language and level of education.

There definitely arent as many gangs in the green zones overall.

Davey there are alot of people who would never live outside of the green zone of lincoln square/lincoln park/wicker park etc.

And Warren Park adjacent (south of it) isnt such a great area.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

On the Rogers Park message board the poster there is upset that she is in the green zone of Rogers Park because then her son has to compete against other green zone kids for schools.

Weird system.
She should move to NOH then. ;)
You will be dodging bullets but be able to easily test into a better school.