Friday, November 2, 2012

Burp Coverage Of Tibble Square Block Party


John D of BURP (Bloggin' Up Rogers Park) on EveryBlock  "Love what it going on over at Tibble Square and want to see this take off, so sharing some constructive criticism for next year. I came with cameras in hand to give this event some media love and ended up in Chipotle 30 minutes later, bummed out with a chain burrito and no photos ."

 Food at any event can not be taken as a given. If someone gets there at 645 and it started at 5pm and its the debut of a new event? Guess what, the food may have run out. They have no idea how many people are going to show up. Just because an event is in Rogers Park doesn't mean its going to cater to vegetarians.

John D went on to say, "Shop/Gallery Owners & Artists.... There were lots of folks who clearly knew each other hugging and chatting. But no one said hello to outsiders like me"

John D perhaps isn't used to art parties. Artists are cliquey, some are full of themselves. Ever been to Wicker Park? The main thing is the event isn't about the reporter. Try interviewing and talking with subjects. If unsuccessful, grab some photos of art, make observations and write it up. Many of these artists are in their twenties. People in that age bracket can be very self centered.  Art critics themselves can be quite cliquey and aloof. Hopefully someone who did attend has photos and meaningful remarks instead of sour grapes.


jeffo said...
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jeffo said...
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jeffo said...

Yes, the party was cliquey, just like Everyblock, conform to the
community manager's thinking there and everything is okay, if not
you are gone. The rest of the world isnt one
huge Everyblock where if we arent neighborly to each other one HUNDRED percent of the time Becca cant ban us or try to impart some wisdom
and yet somehow the outside world doesnt implode upon itself!!!

Huh? said...

i dont know what the fuck you are talking about in your comments about your own postings much less what you reporting in your blog stories. huh?

jeffo said...

Thats okay huh? This obviously wasnt written for you.

Allison Pinkbottom said...

Thank you so much for your most recent post about what the Tibble Square is all about.
Your blog has much better and more pictures than Craig's blog and is much more informative. I hope you get a wide audience of readers and commentors. Good luck. I try to visit as often as I can.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I shared my opinion of a very disappointing experience I had. I am not a reporter and I did not play sour grapes. I merely shared my experience. I believe I also said that I liked what they have going on over there and that I hope they can make this work. I noticed you left all of that out in your little stump speech. You don't know me. You were not with me. You did not experience what I did. Yet you found it necessary to take pot shots at me. Very sad. Clearly you are also not a reporter. Please do not insinuate otherwise.

- John D.

Anonymous said...

Your constant ranting against Everyblock is really getting old and annoying. Focus on your own blog. Do it well. Quality will speak for itself. That huge chip you seem to be carrying on your shoulder is distracting you from what you have going on here. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I apologize. You did indeed include my positive comments. Thank you for that. I still find your little attack on me to be unwarranted and mean-spirited. But then again, I guess I am not used to art parties. Is this how it's done in the real world?

- John D

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

@John D.
Well its the truth, you didnt report on the event, you just were all about you, you, you, you. And its not about you. Its about the event and whats going on there.

Yes John D. art parties are notoriously cliquey. Im not just "attacking" you, I dont like being "attacked" either. The internet is a rough place. But if you want your
Blog BURP to be successful you have
to have thick skin and just do it!
(the story, pictures and all)

Yes Im not happy with Everyblock, tis true, and once in awhile I will need to take umbrage with something on that site and I will have to post it here as I have been censored there.

@John D again, I understand how many times reality is disappointing!!! It really is, especially when it comes to parties. This event they had was just to mingle with people a bit and get the word out and for the art folks to hang out. Next time bring a friend and go EARLY and dont have super high expectations and MAINLY accentuate the positive.

I actually am positive at times :)
Not every story is about vandalism or trash.