Sunday, November 25, 2012

LaShawnda McKibbey. Sockpuppetry paranoia. Revised.

"JimA, not sure about RP Advocate, but I'm pretty sure "LaShawnda" is JeffO, who was banned from these boards months ago. Something about "her" writing style that reminds me of him, aka Phillip McGregor. Fake profiles/ multiple aliases are weak, imo."   Quote from RogersParker on Everyblock.
11/25/12 at approx 10:24 am

The village founder Phillip McGregor Rogers would never stoop to impersonate anyone on Everyblock
especially with an insensitive name meant to cause insult like "LaShawnda". Sockpuppetry does run rampant on the Village community board nowadays and thats because of the censorship that takes place there. Chevanston is where Phillip Rogers has decided to stay and thats it. What is also weak is RogersParker being on her high horse all the time speaking with some kind of "authority" on Everyblock against anyone who disagrees with her.

RogersParker's worst nightmare!

LaShawnda McKibbey (NOH Girl) posted 10 hours ago "@Jim A. Thank your for your statistical information. Is there a point that you wanted to make? We still have litter on the streets and I pick it up on a daily basis. It's no big deal. It's just litter. I don't mind doing it because it is quite nice up here and it is a small price to pay for being so close to the lake. I am glad that we don't have to cross Lake Shore Drive to get there as some people who live farther south have to."

        Rereading everything this blog writer doesn't even see what RogersParker is thinking. Yes JeffO likes to pickup litter and takes it in stride. But this so called attacker of RogersParker is defending NOH against her. This blogwriter doesn't know anything about RogersParker's landlords. Me thinks she is becoming paranoid, and it would be quite convoluted for JeffO to pretend to live in her building. People are allowed to disagree without being trolls. 

We are all in this together the battle for a trash free Rogers Park continues. This writer sincerely hopes that Darrin and the other NOH litter crusaders (including RogersParker ) are still picking up trash in NOH. We are all in this together whether we be Jargowoodian or an NOH'er or some stuck up neighbor down south by Loyola. This writer believes that there are good things to be accomplished on Everyblock and this has obviously been hindered by moderators far away with their keyboards. This blogger's voice will never be heard again on Everyblock proper, simply on this site.  The unofficial community message board has become a shadow of its former self. The trash pickup continues unabated and it currently goes unreported.


CaptainJollyRogers said...

Aaargh ya have joined a good club ya have. RogersParker is tossing ya into the bad boy ring with Craig she is. What did ya do now to get her knickers in a twist? Har, har, har.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Well better there Captain JR then in with the "get along gang" of Everyblock. Once we got into an argument about NOH being a ghetto or not. But I see that the NOH'ers are working hard to pickup the trash.

Dangerously unstable individual said...

I've mainly been interested in other neighborhoods as I don't spend much time home these days, and it's largely dead all around EB, the occasional person comes on and actually identifies a suspect properly, then the horde of brownnosers pick them apart for not using politically correct enough terms or langauge.
People are learning it's not the place to go to disseminate information.
I'd rather read Second City Cop or other blogs than EB.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Yes that site is mainly for very basic information only, yes there is a horde of brownnosers there, its just weird to have people there continue to suspect your presence, well thats what internet anonymity will do.

Jim A said...

Hey Jeff O: Since I played a minor part in the EB thread in question, I just thought I'd let you know that I never suspected you of sock-puppeting. Why would you when you have a whole blog to yourself?

There are some folks who have clearly used that board before who are now using different screen identities and it sucks not knowing who you're dealing with.

I enjoyed it when you were on EB and hope that you don't have any issues with me.

Jim A

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

@Jim A, ofcourse I have no issues with you :). I enjoyed EB for awhile too, it was really a fun place.

Yes sockpuppets kinda suck, but I think overcensoring and booting people off a popular site will result in sockpuppets. And will probably be there at EB longterm.

Yes I like chatting online and the blog, but I do have a life too, it would be kinda dumb to try to lurk there, I TRIED to come back on EB but anything decent I tried to post was shut down so its really just easier to create blog.

Coming up constantly with new email addresses to create new profiles is prohibitively time consuming and just not fulfilling/productive or fun.

Jim A said...

That's good to know Jeff. Best of luck with the new blog.