Friday, November 30, 2012

Ward Eight Bar on Howard - Soft Opening

                    This is the first day that this blogger noted that the temporary curtains/paper on the windows have been taken down. One can see inside if you cup your hands, but no lights on so taking a picture we just see a reflection of the Popeyes across the street. There is a paper sign on the window directing deliveries to call a certain number, otherwise the facade is completely blank. Holiday decorations in front are subdued and in good taste. According to Ward Eight's Facebook page doors will be open tonight from 8pm til Midnight. Finally the vicenarians will finally have a place to get a beer on Howard..

This blogger did attend the GRAND (soft) opening. There wasn't much to photograph on opening night. All openings nowadays are two parters soft then grand opening.  If you didn't know any better you wouldn't be able to tell it was open driving by. The windows were blocked off with dark blinds so the inside was only visible through the  door. There some rough characters loitering outside Tally Ho but an Evanston cop came by to chat with the door man and they took off. Inside there are three booths natural wood as are the small tables in the middle and on the left is the bar which appeared to corian. A large group was having a merry time to the left of the door at a larger table. 

           A chalkboard advertised sandwiches, cheese, meat and a few entrees. Four craft beers on tap and plenty of mixed drinks and wine. Essentially it looks like a decent yuppie bar you would find in Portland, Oregon. It is a small intimate space and if successful perhaps they could expand into the next vacant building. This is first time this blogger ever had a beer on Howard, (it was a Flywheel IPA) and it felt very strange. Parking wasn't an issue and this writer walked past a hipster couple that had just left. The atmosphere was festive, inviting and there was at least one booth and two small tables still open but the bar was packed. An intriguing beginning to the renaissance of Howard. And for the first time there are Christmas lights on both sides of Howard. Chevanston is finally becoming a reality. 

This is pretty much how it looked except a lot better. The tables are square, natural wood and the chalk board was to the left of the bar, this rendering doesn't do it justice. Pictures will become available of the interior eventually. The poles in real life aren't so obvious because in this rendering it almost looks like a strip club. Basically a smaller toned down Act-One Cafe. Not bad Evanston and Howard, someday you may be as nice as Morse. 

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