Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hira's Cafe on Morse (Sushi and Asian Bistro) opening date TBA

Los Portales Delivery Car parked in front.

An Asian screen blocks clear view of interior



                     Hira's Cafe recently failed an inspection November First.  Rogers Park's peanut gallery believes that this is quite common for new restaurants, so hopefully this doesn't reflect on the quality of its service or food.This Cafe replaces a storefront Church. The new awning popped up unannounced within the past month or so and complements that of neighbor Los Portales. A restaurant district is evolving on Morse that is attracting people from out of the neighborhood and tempting those that would simply pass Morse by on the EL to get off the train and check it out. 


Chip Bagg said...

Good luck to Hira's, a private sector small business trying to make a go of it on the Morse.
God bless the private sector.
If the restaurant "failed an inspection" it was probably due to a failure to donate the proper dollars to that alderscum Joe Moron's campaign fund. In Chicago inspectors are really just enforcers for the political leftist mob. I am sure when the correct amount has hit the Moron's bank account, the inspectors will give the restaurant a passing grade.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Yes it is a great way for the city to make some money (health inspections). I personally like the way they do it in LA, they give out grades, A/B/C. Usually you dont see too many C's...

Davey said...

I drove by the other day and there was an "open" sign in the window, but it didn't look very open. Didn't have time to stop and look then, but will check again soon. The transformation of Morse is looking amazing. If they do a good job on the L rehab, the joint's gonna start jumping again.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

@Davey agreed,
Morse was lacking in Asian food sushi, thai or whatever. Personally I like the Asian place in Lake Bluff called Bangkok Toyko. Which is really the smartest thing to cater to.

Thai and Sushi are overall the most popular and IMHO the best asian food. Will be interesting to see what they will "cook" besides raw