Sunday, November 25, 2012

Asexual reproduction of fire hydrants.

Hydrants located at Lunt and Ravenswood

                    Caught for the first time in the midst of asexual reproduction we see a fire hyrdrant from 1939 has sprouted runners with the new offspring about to hatch. The new hatchling is dated 2012. This happens about every 50 to 100 years. Typically the old hydrant takes between a month or two to wither away and die, sad, but the hydrant lives on inside the new hydrant much like in the movie Being John Malkovich.

Note bene - The 1939 hydrant is of the variety that has the collar surrounding the pentagon shaped nut to prevent ragamuffins from turning the water on.


CaptainJollyRogers said...

Aaargh. Perversions of nature they be. Parthenogenetic hydrants are creatures of the Devil and must be melted down and recycled. They are violations of nature they are and must be hunted to extinction. Make them walk the plank har, har, har.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

But Captain JR I saw an account where these freaks of nature were used to save a great pirate bar in the caribbean called the bucket of blood. We must change with times my good man and accept that these hydrants though they may be vile creatures, are useful when there is fire to be fought.