Thursday, November 15, 2012

Seriously improved retail space at Winchester and Howard

               Comparing this building to what you see on Google Maps one can quite clearly see a huge difference. Previously this building's first floor was mainly brick. Within the past year (summer 2012) renovations took place which seriously improved the curb appeal of this building. A very important component to developing and maintaining a commercial corridor is having windows to look in and look out. Its why people find city living so interesting, people like to people watch and this will certainly help with public safety when you have more eyes on the street.

            Another observation, one major reason why Howard has never thrived is that while the cops are cooperating, it appears that both cities have their backs toward either. Winchester and Callan don't match up. Clyde and Wolcott don't match up either and all of these streets are one way towards Howard. Dodge is two way but on the Chicago side Damen is only one way south, as if the Evanstonians don't want the Chicagoans coming up to cause trouble on their side. Google Maps can't accurately locate the south side of Howard. Both sides of Howard have odd numbered addresses, even when you type in the address and put Chicago as the city, Google Maps will show you the Evanston side of the street. There are many problems with Google Maps when it concerns the border of Chicago and Evanston like try finding the intersection of Clark and Howard in Chicago, you can't.

Photograph of GoogleMaps mid-Aughts view of this same building

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