Monday, November 26, 2012

North Of Howard Loses Blogger With An Attitude?

          RogersParker said (on the village messageboard)"The people who have been giving me a hard time for singing the praises of this neighborhood when I first moved up here should be pleased to know that I am not nearly as enamored with NOH as I was. In fact, I'm looking into moving to Evanston sooner than later. I should be able to take my dog for a walk at 9 or 10 pm without literally fearing for my life."

RogersParker also said "As for NOH itself? In the 2+ years I've been up here, it seems to be getting worse, not better. Broken windows are going unrepaired in a couple of businesses along Paulina. There's litter everywhere that nobody's picking up. " and " I called Rogers Park Holdings a slum landlord and it's TRUE! "

Example of Sticker Vandalism from Tales from the Top

          It is nice to see that RogersParker is seeing the reality of the situation on NOH. If it is ruled by Slum landlords  then doesn't that consequently make it a slum? This blogger would not blame her for leaving. NOH will get better but only after a sizeable chunk of the slum landlords are given the old heave-ho.

          RogersParker also said "And on Halloween I stood no more than 20 feet away from a young man with a gun while he was firing it into a crowd of people (two people were injured in the shooting)."

          We have to be careful and not put ourselves in harms way, we may want to think the best of people and to not judge them but also use common sense and not to walk in between two different factions of thugs. This blogger refused to do this in the past and had to hole up in JB Albertos because there were two rival gang factions at Wayne and Morse. This writer simply called police and waited until both groups were dispersed. Similar action shouldve taken place in the above situation (avoidance). Overall a bummer to see a thread about Happy Thanksgiving on the village message board devolve into I'm leaving Rogers Park.

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Philip McGregor Rogers said...

RogersParker goes on to say "Just for clarification, I did not call NOH a slum. I called Rogers Park Holdings a slum landlord and it's TRUE! It is currently 59 degrees F in my apartment (according to city code, it's not supposed to be below 65 F). Courtyard litter is left for days without being picked up--unless I go out and pick it up myself, which I often do. One of my neighbors or my neighbor's friend puked up nasty bile in the hallway--the dried-up remnants are still there. We don't have a front gate buzzer. Nasty, moldy, wet bug-infested mattresses that had been left sitting out in the alley for at least a couple of months were moved to a storage room in the ground floor of the building--probably after the building was cited for allowing the nasty mattresses to sit out in the alley for weeks and weeks--b/c the landlord is too cheap/lazy to pay somebody to cart them to the dump!

What else? I've repeatedly requested since late September that the leaves be raked in the courtyard and parkway as a deterrent to littering. They're still there. Light bulbs are left un-replaced in common areas for weeks, sometimes months. Sometimes, maintenance requests are ignored. In my opinion, all these infractions have earned Rogers Park Holdings slum landlord status."

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

I would never live in a slumlandlord building. RogersParker describes a slum and says that landlord is a slum landlord, yet NOH is not a slum? It is still to a large extent dominated by slum landlords, so its therefore not a slum?

I applaud your efforts RogersParker but change in a building has to come from above and either the landlord has to be forced out or have some change of heart. Tenants should never have to pickup litter at their apartment building unless its their job to do so and hired by the landlord to do so.