Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mr. Rogers's (of Everyblock fame) Avatar Is A Hoax

(Previous Icon of Mr. Rogers of Rogers Park) Is it or is it not a hoax?
Obvious Photoshopping!

Update 4/11/13 - (This post was written in the long long ago when the great message board of Rogers Park ruled the neighborhood. It was written tongue in cheek and in the voice of founding father Phillip Mcgregor Rogers though not in a convincing manner so it was deleted. What has happened to one of our leading voices of Beat 2424? Likely not to resurface until another message board akin to Everyblock returns to the 'net. It was interesting to have the site because for a short time everyone in the neighborhood could talk to each other. And we heard from our compatriots from west of Clark for the first time in a meaningful way)

Update 4/12/13 (Posts like this were also written as a method to communicate with the outside world. At that time it was impossible to post on Everyblock with fellow neighbors due to their censorship. Which as was pointed out in this post ironic given that they allowed this offbeat picture of Mr. Rogers giving everyone the finger. When people are thrown off of a site unceremoniously and without just cause alternative means to communicate will be (was) developed. Perhaps Mr. Rogers will never resume his previous online alter-ego just as Applejack and many others have disappeared for good. Mr. Rogers was most active in talks concerning the Ho and other neighborhood events at Damen and Rogers Ave.)


CaptainJollyRogers said...

Aaargh. Make the fraud and coward walk the plank. Feed him to the sharks. Har, har, har. What a coward and fraud.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

@Captain Jolly Rogers,

Us Rogers have to stick together and stand up to the Rogers who is giving up a bad name. It gets harder every year but at two hundred years old I still have the energy to fight back.

Anonymous said...

That guy called "Mr. Rogers" on everyblock is sooooooooooooo annoying! He never says anything positive, all he does is complain and complain and he also loves gangs and gang mambers.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...
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Philip McGregor Rogers said...

I don't think he loves gangs and gang members though. ;)

Kurtak you arent Mr Rogers are you?

Anonymous said...

Except that it's not fake, it's something that actually happened. Kind of hard to photoshop an entire video eh?

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

@anon 4:30 pm
Thats why this was posted wanted to see what was going with this, pretty odd that someone has a whole article on how its a hoax.

Where is tall man?, where is tall man? Here I am, Here I am.

At least the other kids are giving him the finger back.