Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Willy Beans of Everyblock gets a Gold Star!

WillyBeans Local Union Electrician / Grill-Master

"I haven't been around recently enough to know about JeffO's recent spat with Mind Crusher on EB, but recalling Jeff's posts from the past on various blogs including way back on Morseh*llhole - I think Helen is absolutely spot-on correct. This is not JeffO. Jeff would have gone on and on and on about how he cleaned it up, along with a couple of blocks worth of trash, and took a walk to the lake. (Not putting Jeff down here because I respect his efforts, I'm just observing a difference in writing style.)At any rate: the real issue is business graffiti and I would agree that it's not right to "tag" public spaces with intentionally permanent things like bumper stickers or spray paint. Both are completely disrespectful to the community and to those who either volunteer to remove them or the city workers who have to fix the problem and the tax-payers that pay the city workers. I would hope that Mind Crusher's owner would volunteer to remove the stickers if they continue to pop up on public property - if indeed the stickers were stolen and he/she have no control over where they are placed. I think it's apparent there's a few people who will help point out where the offenses are."

Response --------
WillyBeans got it right. And for the record I didnt go on and on about how I removed it, because there really is nothing to it, use a pocketknife to get the sticker up and PEEL. Very very very Easy. I would think that to help "atone" for their (MindCrusher's) past bad behavior which mainly consists of INDIFFERENCE and UNCARING attitude toward their environment; they could help with the One Way signs just south of them on Clark that are currently besmirched by Sticker Vandalism. Its easy to fix, use WD-40 and spray the stickers and then wait 20/30 minutes and then use a putty knife to slowly scrape it off. Easier than people think. OR just wait until after it rains and then use a putty knife to scrape the stickers off.


Philip McGregor Rogers said...

B. Greene Edgewater/East RP neighbor since 1996
so, If a case of Sunshine eggs sold at Jewel just happened to end up plastered on your front porch, you would want the folks of Sunshine and Jewel to clean it up?

Response -----

You are comparing Apples to Oranges. This isnt complaining of a store's average regular product being abused. Its about Advertising gone awry. And MindCrusher got caught doing illegal advertising with the chalk graffiti and they have stickers ON their store and on their block and all over Rogers Park, certainly some of it is likely due to pilfered stickers, but ALL of it is? That doesnt make sense either. Obviously it doesnt keep them up at night because its advertising.

If Jewel Osco had Jewel stickers and they were stolen and put all over the place, yes I would expect them to help remediate the situation.

How would we know that the eggs were stolen from Jewel anyhow? Bad example B. Greene.

Again thanks for all the words Everyblockers, but NO ACTION.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Btw B. Greene's comment was pulled from Everyblock.

CaptainJollyRogers said...

Aaargh, B. Greene is shark chum now; kersplash har, har, har.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Oops I meant copied and pasted from, but yes Walk the plank she must!!!

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Another false analogy to B. Greene's argument is this? Say someone DID steal eggs from Jewel. How many eggs are we talking about? If the egg throwing was ONE incident, hey thats fine. We ARENT talking about ONE incident here are we? WE are talking about many, many, many incidents which havent stopped yet. When will it stop?

Anonymous said...

You're a fucking idiot. Get a life