Monday, November 26, 2012

Thoreau's Corner complemented by Natural Trash Geyser

Perpetual Trash Fountain
Mr. Thoreau's great legacy lives on just across the street.

              Henry David Thoreau would be proud to have his namesake on this corner, especially since its so close to our unique natural trash formations, native to Rogers Park. Many places wish they could have such fountains that so regularly spill forth trash that you can set your time by it. The 49th ward has workers that routinely empty these natural geysers which hours later spew forth all sorts of trash. This eruption was viewed and observed this past Sunday. This time there were happy birthday cut outs and papers seen on the pavement as if nature were saying Happy Birthday World!. That's the great fun with these garbage fountains, you never know what will be frothing up to the surface from deep below the Earths crust. Its too bad Henry David Thoreau never visited our fair city or lived long enough to see his legacy inspire such dedicated hard work from the caretakers of this wonderful local treasure.

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