Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DNAinfo.com Chicago, the leader in late breaking forensic news.

The neighborhood news market is getting crowded and competitive, Everyblock (news by hearsay), Newstar (old fashioned newspaper), Broken Heart of Rogers Park (crime blog), Curbed Chicago (real estate and development news), Chicago News Report (news for scared suburbanites), and now we have a new entity that will be covering the entire city. One might expect an entity named DNA-info to be covering the latest in genetic testing, forensic news, gene therapy, medical breakthroughs, or in the future designer genes. But neighborhood news?  So far for Rogers Park the articles that Benjamin Woodward have produced are well written and informative. But who could have predicted such a bizarre name for a news organization? Per the Reader they have been stealing away real reporters from the big newspapers like the Sun Times and scooping them as well. This invasion of local new market is coming from New York City (phew!). Joe Ricketts billionaire of TD Ameritrade is financing this operation.Yes its the same Ricketts who now owns the Cubs (thats the son of Joe Ricketts). DNAinfo.com will stay strictly in the city limits. So Evanston Now doesn't have anything to worry about but perhaps Uptown Update does. It will be interesting to see if Everyblock carries DNAinfo.com's stories (probably not). 
Chicago's most up to date genetic profiles
CSI for Rogers Park (B. Woodward)


Craig Gernhardt said...

So, this is the same Republican right-winger who attacked the President with negative political ads over the summer, calling him Barrack Hussein Obama?

This ought to be interesting to see how many of our Rogers Park liberals support such the site and then claim to be democrat.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

It will be interesting to see the political slant. IMHO it looks like a similar site to Curbed/Racked/Eater but focuing on neighborhood news instead of just development/clothes and restaurants, but really isnt that what alot of local news is? Weird what is happening with online (hyperlocal) news.

Craig Gernhardt said...

Our new DNA reporter Benji just got around to covering the speed cam on Western story.

A story you scooped him on 6 days earlier.


If he keeps this up - he'll be telling us about Christmas on News Years Day.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Yes CG! Its hard to scoop me!
I scooped even E.B. on that one.

I guess we can give him a little time to catch up.

Anonymous said...

At least we won't have to rifle through bitchy rants about Everyblock and its subscribers on DNAInfo in order to get to actual stories. Which is a hell of a lot more than anyone can say for your two blogs. Seriously I'm so tired of reading about how you both have a hard on for Phoebe. Get over it already. I really don't think copying threads and commenting on them on your blogs qualifies as "hyperlocal" news. You both sound like whiney, jealous babies.
And no I don't personally like the Ricketts, but I hate to tell ya that the POTUS' full name IS Barack Hussein Obama so not really a horrible infraction, now is it?

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

My new favorite stock phrase is now
"bitchy rants".

Not sure what the POTUS's name and Ricketts' name have to do with each other either. Everyone has to be called something.

@ Anon @ 9:34 am you complain about his blog yet you are compelled to read it, quite strange isn't it? Like a fly to the light you cannot escape its gaze. You try yet you fail.

This is the village board for Chevanston and Rogers Park, all villagers are welcome.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

About Phoebe, just wish she would go back to blogging, if a prominent villager threatens to leave the village that is news. We would hate to lose the blogger with an attitude, but if we must we must. That and the sock puppet paranoia that is an ongoing issue in the village is an important topic and yes you won't find that on DNAinfo.com.