Thursday, November 29, 2012

Chevanston police force make drug bust

           Evanston police ventured over to the Chicago side of the border yesterday to bust a marijuana dealer.To read all the details please check out Evanston now As with most drug busts, cash, guns and drugs were confiscated and the perp arrested.The perp resided in West Ridge on W Pratt Ave.

Chevanston stock photo of Evanston Police Car in Chicago.
            The Evanston police force had a special warrant to arrest in the Chicago jurisdiction. How many Chicago police are poaching criminals from the Evanston side? Are there not enough criminalsin Evanston that the police have to come to Chicago for them?


Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Evanston NOW serves as the website for Evanston looking back toward Chicago (partially), it is only fair to have coverage from the Chicago angle looking north to the neighbor of Evanston.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

This is not going to turn into a crime blog..... I can see how its fun to report on crime though and look for pictures for the story.

Craig Earnhart said...

There is a legal concept called "hot pursuit". If law enforcement in one jurisdiction is in "hot pursuit" of law breakers and cross into another jurisdiction, for example across a state line, the legal principle can allow them to continue their enforcement activity. That might explain how Evanston police entered into the Chicago territory. This was an interesting post.