Saturday, November 24, 2012

Beyond this gate? A safe & wild habitat for beer bottles and cans.

Who is the key master?
Two beers cans relaxing next to their buddy MGD in the wild

An otherworldly pile of trash, so close yet so far.

           This is the embankment of the CTA Redline on the south side of Rogers Avenue and on the east side of El tracks. The gate is locked barring any neighbors from the wild habitat where beer cans, beer bottles  and fast food wrappers have returned to their native state and roam free from human interference. Maybe there is some powerful bureaucrat out there that can give the common man access so that these fields may be cleansed or perhaps he has some workers that he holds sway over that this may be put right yet! Until that day may Mr Mgd and Mrs Budweiser bask in the sun in blissful harmony. 

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