Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Farcroft Rehab Update

Snow is evident in the foreground this morning




             1337 w Fargo facade work continues this morning despite the freezing temperatures. Not every day a building this tall has scaffolding from top to bottom. The intricate stonework is being slowly restored. The carved stone pillars are being stored offsite while the facade of the Farcroft is tuckpointed and repair work continues.  The links provided remind us of the gigantic HVAC unit that was delivered to the roof of the Farcroft this past July by helicopter and a more recent link in October provides evidence of very brave men working exposed at high altitude. Emporis is great site that catalogues the skyscrapers of the world and provides essential data for the Farcroft. The Frank Lloyd Wright (Emil Bach house on Sheridan) around the corner is being restored as well right now, interesting juxtaposition between the large blue dumpster and an architectural masterpiece.

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