Friday, November 16, 2012

Local Blogger & Anarchist Threatens Relaunch Of BURP

Local BURP Rogers Park blogger threatens to restart his blog once again.  The infamous blogger's latest warning was posted on Everyblock yesterday, "Hello Neighbors and Friends! I have been quiet for far too long. Suffice it to say that 2012 was a CRAZY, BUSY year in my house. But I am back and the BURP site will soon return as well! Happy Autumn to all!"

Hey Rogers Park can always use another Blogger. Hopefully this one will make good on his threats. Unfortunately per his blog site there will be no grandstanding and will be written in the get along gang* Everyblock tradition. Link to report on the aborted (BURP Rogers Park) coverage of the Tibble Square grand opening is below

                                                                                                 *(credit given to poster DUI)


Chip Bagg said...

burp... fart... whatever.

Anonymous said...

Why the obsession with EB and people who continue to post there? It's bizarre. Just like the trolls and sock puppet accounts that starting cropping up like piles of dog poo after some of EB's more disturbed members were banned.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

@ Anon 12:36, I wouldnt say OBSESSION, like it or not EB makes up a HUGE portion of the Rogers Park internet community. I do get your point however, I might just stop mentioning EB altogether and just call it the Rogers Park Message Board. Is that better? :)

BTW fun fact picked up from reading Broken Heart and just observation, the Rogers Park Message Board is moderated by someone who lives in NewYorkCity. Hows that for HYPERlocal news? Not as Hyperlocal as it should be.

What if Craig was annointed Rogers Park moderator? It would make for a far more interesting community message board.

Dangerously unstable individual said...

I said this on Craig's site, because Everyblock and Yelp and other hyperlocal places advertise heavily, and when people flock there to find helpfulness, they find the insanity instead and don't get the reality of Chicago or whatever place they're interested in.
Everyblockers have this nasty habit of "blaming the victim", when some clueless person makes their first post about some welfare breeding thug victimizing them, everybody attacks them because how dare you criticize (disenfranchised class). Life is all about choices, and most seem to make poor ones.
Well, guess what, I'm disenfranchised! I have a condition that makes me far more of a minority than anybody they're protecting, very few of the population have what I do though people like me seem to be everywhere these days.
It's harder, but visiting independent, uncensored blogs gives you a better view of what it's like.
I don't really trust the opinions of anybody who spends the extraordinary amount of hours online like Phoebe does, I am out making a difference or doing embedded reporting instead of always writing stupid comments on the internet.