Friday, November 16, 2012

Evanston Now Reports Plan To Retire Hair/Nail Salons On Howard Rejected

Google Street View of Evanston Side of Howard

"Evanston's Plan Commission Wednesday rejected a plan to drive hair salons off Howard Street." "Marino argued that the hair-care establishments have a "cumulative negative impact" on the neighborhood" Currently there are eleven hair/nail/personal care businesses at the very east end of Evanston on Howard. Are there too many hair/nail salons on Howard? How about a plan to retire the sneaker store monopoly on the Chicago side of Howard?


Chip Bagg said...

Oh no. Where will I get my prison braids tightened up? My hairdresser, Klamidiya, has one of those shops.

Davey said...

I don't get why hair joints would be more "threatening" or whatever than other biz. If they don't meet the codes, enforce those. Banning business by type makes no sense. Especially when gas stations and stop-&-robs host more police trouble. If image is the problem, what's worse for that than the pawn shops? If real crime is the problem, close the bank branches.

PS-- Happy to have stumbled on this site. Finally some good coverage of the neighborhood. Thanks for being here. Too bad about the resident racist, but par for the course. Bookmarked.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

@Davey glad you like the site, just want to have a place where people can disagree and argue and catch up on local news and interesting things about the area they may not know.