Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fall Back.... Into Howard Terminal Backdoor Entrance Since Jarvis Is Closed

         Just a friendly reminder that its time to wind your watches and clocks back one hour tonight at 2 AM (Nov 4th) and to ixnay the Jarvis stop and use the Howard Stop. Many people don't like the entrance on Howard but that will improve over time with the streetscape and new coffee shop Sol.

         There is also the back door entrance that is accessible via the Bus Terminal by Rogers on Paulina. These signs were just posted for those who arent Everyblockers or CTA tattlers or Alderman Joe Moore groupies. The best station in Rogers Park or Evanston is the Howard stop as it allows one to take either theYellow/Red or Purple Line.

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Allison Pinkbottom said...

Jarvis Red Line Station closed.
This, dear reader, is not a net loss.
With any good planning, this will be a permanent service change.