Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tibble Square (A Rational Investigation)

Curiosity was definitely piqued when the festival when mentioned by BURP,and then the disappointing post on 
E-Block occured instead of an informative blog post. Oh well, so yours truly went over to see what the hub-bub was about. Three storefronts are now artists spaces. The one that was open today had a very friendly proprietor who showed me all around her store. Its the store that specializes in Mexican Art. They have cool cards with pictures from old Mexican comicbooks and alot of art and sculpture from Mexico. Maggie Roche and Roger Haas-Roche run the Edge Art Store which is the store that specializes in Mexican Art and Lucha Libre paraphenelia. Slow Funeral is an old handmade sign which is an authentic piece that would hang well in  college dorm room or in a "man cave". The Shoe Repair store remains in place. An emerging artist/retail corridor on Loyola is exciting and hopefully Loyola will build a mixed use property across the street on their vacant lot.What was very interesting about these spaces is that you walk DOWN into them. I wish more commercial buildings like this survived and more like this were built today.

XORO: 1228 W. Loyola. A storefront boutique/studio showing new work of local artists, resale and fine vintage.
Roman Susan: 1224 W. Loyola. An artist owned gallery opened their first show to celebrate Dia los Muertos on November 2nd. Show runs until Nov. 23
Edge Art: 1230 W. Loyola. A gallery/store with traditional handmade, native and naive 
Another Store named Salon Pastiche a closed beauty salon.


Black door and trim look sharp against the Marble Exterior

Edge Art 

The Artist Building is on the Left. Loyola El stop in the distance
Day of the Dead Skull Purchased, Complete with Fake Candle. 


Allison Pinkbottom said...

lovely area. promising idea. exciting future.

CaptainJollyRogers said...

Aaargh, a good posting Matey "Slow Funeral" is my kind of funeral. Walk the plank slowly you scallywag. Har, har, har.