Sunday, November 18, 2012

No Loitering Sign by Cafe Sol and Walking Etiquette


            The inside of the cafe can be seen by cupping your hands over your eyes. It looks to be complete, there will be seating in front facing the window with stools and a counter, the cash register area and counter is set up. It simply says Cafe Sol Coming Soon on that very small piece of paper. The most important sign is the one above to the left. Howard  has had a major problem with loitering, drug dealing, public drinking, shootings, prostitution, cruising, cars stalled and double parked to drug deal, car chases etc,etc,etc. While walking down the street this morning (on the south side and headed east aka building side of the street) an older lady decided to just about walk right into this blogger who was following protocol and had to squeeze by her and the bricks. This writer simply said "sorry just trying to walk down the street".


Dangerously unstable individual said...

Usually it's younger women so absorbed in their cellphones crashing into you, or new Chicagoans who don't understand there are too many people here and they should learn to share the sidewalk. Hold hands when you get to the restaurant, and don't walk four across, most of the Loyola kids have this problem.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

this time it was a disgruntled native Chicagoan who I assume is not happy with the changes taking place on Howard, thats just my intuition.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

This lady who ran into to me wasnt jacked into the internet, music, texting or a phone conversation, she was just belligerent and cranky.

But I have seen the people you describe DUI, I think its easier to understand when the people are young and ignorant, but if you are in your forties/fifties/sixties there is less tolerance for this. And the woman had all her faculities.

Craig Gernhardt said...
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