Thursday, December 19, 2013

What Lies Beyond This Trash Filled Corridor?

The revamp of the Morse "L" stop wasn't an improvement in every way. Take this brick lined dead end at the south end of the station.  This swirling collection of refuse has been slowly collecting over the past year.

All this garbage couldn't be picked up and thrown out by area neighbors even if they wanted to. The area is inaccessible; protected by a locked black iron fence. The top of the fence is lined with anti pigeon barbs.

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Not every part of the Morse "L" station was restored. You can see the hidden defunct stairway and old peeling concrete wall in back. This passageway must must have been used as an exit like on the the Lunt side. Now it serves as a reservoir for rubbish. A place to throw debris without fear that someone will pick it up any time soon.

Before the Morse "L" stop renovations this area was bricked off and the area could be kept clean by locals. Now its up to the CTA or the city to do something to clean up this unholy mess.

The Ward 49 office has been very helpful at shoring up shortfalls of the Rogers Park "L" stops. Last year on Everyblock nearby residents complained about the continued pigeon droppings on the north side of the Jarvis "L" viaduct. In short order netting was installed to stop the pigeons from roosting in the rafters.

Is this the gateway to an alternate dimension?


j said...

This site is very irritating. I don't know why the CTA doesn't clean it up themselves or remove the fence and place it up at the top of the stairs it's preventing you from using.

Javier Katz said...
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