Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Taqueria Mi Guadalupe - December 2013

Sometime in the past few months Taqueria Mi Guadalupe suffered a large fire. The last review on their Yelp page was September 18th 2013. "For the insuranc (sic) calms (sic) this number for any cuestions (sic)" It reads on the plywood covering the front door.

Reading Yelp we see it replaced Taqueria Michoacan. Only six reviews on Yelp, three good and three bad.

This post office sticker rendition of The Virgin Mary (of which Our Lady Of Guadalupe is the name of Mary's picture at the same named Basilica in Mexico City) was posted to the electrical box of Lunt and Clark back in September before the fire.

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Gonzo Rockatansky said...

Whoa thats amazing. Did you know that worms can do it to themselfs and dont even need a gf or bf to have kids? They do it by themself. Freakin crazy man.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Bill Savage said... "Ah, that place: that was the original location of the A&T, back in the 1980s. Hope the interior wasn’t too damaged. It had the classic metal-attached-to-the-floor counter stools, plus a total of I think five tables: one in each window, three or maybe four booths along the walls. And that succession—Greek-owned diner replaced by Mexican-owned taqueria—records the ethnic transitions in the neighborhood. Just like the old Dewey’s is now El Chorrito."