Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas From Howard And Rogers And Greenview

Net neighbors shared intel last night on Facebook (East Rogers Park and NOH Facebook Group) regarding shots fired (apparently four of them) at Howard and Greenview last night on Christmas Eve. Eddy's Food Mart and its proprietor however had no knowledge of last nights events (Face to face discussions still trump internet discussions in importance. The local store owners should care and know what's up. Why haven't net neighbors talked to him about it? Well no one buys the local paper anymore for news is one reason.While the internet creates opportunity for new relationships and bonds it can also help  close off traditional routes. )

He (the storekeeper) laughed it off, maybe they are celebrating?, in these urban neighborhoods its just a way of life, its sad but true he said this morning. What is reported as a serious event on a neighborhood page is just another day in the hood to others.

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The glass door at the corner of Howard and Rogers is slowly losing its integrity. Its inevitable that Lost Eras will have to replace it because it won't last much longer (you can see the new cracks at the bottom). So many bullets fly at this corner that this antique store hasn't even bothered to deal with the damage. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are great holidays but are still just another day. Hoodlums, dealers, thugs are still looking for a chance shoot at and take out rivals. Most of the time they just hit innocent bystanders in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Ho-Ho-Ho down below is very cheery and hilarious. But it does point out something important. We should think of others in addition of ourselves. Unless the person wrote the Ho-Ho-Ho is trying to be ironic it should've been written backwards from the inside so that it would be legible to everyone else. Yes its a childish mistake, but there are adults at home? It is reflective of the lack of community at this corner of Rogers Park. There is a depressing fortress like laundromat, empty storefronts and a corner store where neighborhood news isn't being shared. And needless to say there is an old bullet window that's been there for years.

Hopefully this intersection has a better New Year and maybe a Merry X-mas next year.

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