Monday, December 16, 2013

Have You Met The Vicious Virgin?

Tickie's @ Howard and Ashland

"Let us introduce you to a"Vicious Virgin". Tasty, delightful, twang of the south seas entertainment." reads the vintage matchbook of a Tiki bar (Bar-O-Music) long gone at the corner of Howard and Ashland.

Tickie's is a Belizean restaurant now located on Paulina North of Howard. But if one didn't know better one might think it was a defunct Tiki bar from the old days. Is the Oasis a former Tiki bar on Sheridan?

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Vicious virgin is a mixed drink from the Tiki bar craze. It consists of lime juice, light and dark rum, cointreau (orange flavored liquer aka triple sec) and falernum (mixture of almond, ginger, cloves and lime). Don the Beachcomber in Huntington, Ca still serves this old fashioned drink. It was also the monicker for a couple bombers in World War II.

This Bar-O-Music match cover is for sale on E-bay. Starting bid 17.99. Special thanks to Bill Savage for finding this curious memento.

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