Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How Many Fries Is This Good For?

Jarvis Grill has changed hands and addresses at least a couple of times. This business on Jarvis Avenue is much older than this writer realized. This is an old five cent token selling on E-bay is just under ten bucks for its opening bid. Bank tokens are more common and were redeemed when someone opened a checking account (for something like twenty five or fifty cents).

Three and a half stars on Yelp with consistent good reviews. The little restaurant is easily missed or looked over but can be a life saver when you are starving. Located right next to the little Luzzat Indian place. You can park in the mini mall parking lot at the corner when dining in. The Jarvis Grill used to be located at 1527 W Jarvis, currently its listed at 1517 w Jarvis. In the recent past it was known as Jarvis Grill and Wok.