Wednesday, December 11, 2013

From Dev Corp North To Vanilla Box To ?

The Dev Corp symbol has disappeared from 1557 W Howard Street. Was it Devcorp, Dev Corp or DevCorp? Formerly known as Rogers Park Business Alliance. Photos taken yesterday.

Renovations began in early October. At that time the entire western brick wall was parged. Too bad the wooden floor was covered with tile. The exposed metal slats (walls) and wooden beams (ceiling) were more attractive (and interesting) than the now plain white. But at least the property (and its owner) has aspirations of future non-vacancy.

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Benjamin Woodard said...

Here's a little background: Spoke to the new owner of this building on Tuesday, who also owns 1555 W. Howard. He said he plans to lease it, but not sure for what yet. I plan to check back in next month and will keep everyone updated.
-Ben W., DNAinfo Chicago

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

THanks for the info Ben!