Saturday, December 7, 2013

"Go Do Your Job"

the man from the warm A4 called out as this writer picked up the lawn of 7450 N Greenview this morning. At first he simply pointed at the sign on the building and said "call Seneca". Then someone emerged from the apartment building after the man in the Audi finished texting.

"Do you need help?" said the maintenance man. You mean help cleaning up your parkway? No. What is needed is for Seneca and the landlord (this was confirmed talking with the maintenance man) in the nice and toasty sports car to take care of their property. The place is looking great. So very strange to have such a bad attitude about picking up trash.

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The Christmas bag made a great trash bag. It took about ten minutes to pickup the trash. The worker who responded to the landlord's texts did not help pick up the trash. It is not up to them to help the general public pick up their parkway. The owner and his management company who he oversees is supposed to do their job so that the neighborhood is a clean and safe place for everyone.

What good is sinking tons of money into your apartment building if you can't even bother to make sure all the trash blowing around your property is picked up? Greenview from Fargo to Birchwood on the west side of the street continues to be littered with trash. And this is just steps from the alderman's house on Fargo.


Max Madd said...

We all know you have a lot of time on your hands to go around picking up garbage, organizing Walgreen's carts, painting over messages written with chalk under viaducts, tampering with already-tampered federal property, or peeling tattoo advertising stickers off some stop signs, but keep in mind that NOBODY asks you to do so. You do it because you want to and some people will appreciate it and some will not. (And some people don't want strangers hanging around their homes or businesses, go figure...)

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Exactly Max. You definitely can't please everyone ever.

But you can ask people to do their jobs and to give a crap. And if they don't there is nothing wrong with that. And there is nothing wrong with reporting on it either.


Stanley Katakowski said...

HEY MAX: chill brotha. Phils doin' a great job and youse is just bein' a big pain in the butt about it. You should be thankful somebody gives a god-dang about the hood enough to do somethin'. What are you doin?


That's what.

Max Madd said...

Then go help him ;)