Monday, December 9, 2013

Gang Hangout In Devon Alley?

A neighbor wrote

"Hi Phillip (sic),

I recently found your blog and was wondering how do you report gang graffiti to the police.  The attached picture popped up over the weekend at 1348 W Devon."

Here is a previous blog post discussing where you can send graffiti pics (Caps email). And here is a link to Chicago's 311 website, select "Graffiti Removal" and then its pretty self explanatory from there. This writer took the liberty of reporting the graffiti and submitting the above photo. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

The upside down pitchfork usually denotes Latin Kings dissing the Gangster Disciples (the right side up pitchfork). As an added bonus the upside down pitchfork is used in lieu of t in out. This type of graffiti is very important to wipe out immediately.

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